Use of Funds

2 Year Plan

  1. Offer: Offer Nvak participants seasonal in-person master classes and workshops with skilled music educators and tastemakers from the United States and Europe. We are in negotiations to sign a co-publishing deal with a large US based publishing company in order to sign a few students per year to receive their own publishing deal.
  2. Release: Regularly release student recordings for commercial distribution, and aggressively pursue film, television, and commercial music placement, radioplay, and other forms of exposure i.e. getting song placement in top Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Thereby, turning Nvak into a self-sustaining non-profit.
  3. Expand: Expand our program into new regions. Using feedback from each iteration, identify where Nvak can have the greatest impact and build a recurring presence in these regions. ​It is our goal to establish such presences in new territories at least every two years.

5 Year Plan

  1. Renovate: Renovate local recording studios in each market and thereby make a more permanent investment in the communities we scale to.
  2. Develop: Develop a Nvak TV docu-show. Feature the songwriters and artists that we are discovering and developing. Tell their unique stories. Showcase the music of each region. Educate people about the countries that we are working in via storytelling and music.
  3. Launch: Launch the careers of multiple Nvak songwriters and artists yearly.

Nvak 2019