Use of Funds

Immediate Goals

  1. Offer: Nvak participants year-rond in person and remote classes and workshops with skilled music educators and tastemakers from the United States and Europe. We have signed a Joint Venture publishing deal with Warner Chappell in order to sign a few students per year to receive their own publishing deals.
  2. Release: Through our partnership with Warner and ADA, Nvak will regularly release student recordings for commercial distribution, and aggressively pursue film, television, and commercial music placement, radio play, and playlists. The royalties generated will go back to self-fund Nvak programming.
  3. Expand: our program into new regions. Using feedback and data, identify where Nvak can have the greatest impact and build a presence in that region. It’s our goal to expand to a new market every year.

Long Term Goals

  1. Invest: in the communities that we’re operating. Over time, find spaces that could use equipment and renovation, and use part of our funding to make a permanent impact in the local communities
  2. Develop: self-sustaining creative communities for students to collaborate on new ideas, as well as develop a podcast to share those ideas to a larger audience
  3. Launch: the careers of multiple Nvak songwriters and artists yearly

Nvak 2019