What Makes Us Unique

Modern Education

Most music education programs focus on the preservation and interpretation of canonical works - meaning classical, folk, and jazz music. ​Nvak does not.​ Instead, we have created our own multi-tier, scalable curriculum that focuses on teaching what students ​actually​ listen to: Top 40 music in a variety of popular genres.

By focusing on styles of music that young people are already passionate about, Nvak is able to:

  • Attract more applicants from diverse communities, nationalities, and socioeconomic groups.

  • Empower students to make music that can engage their peers, reach wider communities, and garner music industry interest.

  • Engage students of all skill levels - from novices to advanced musicians.

  • Build a multi-disciplinary program that teaches skills beyond music because we know that not every person who studies music goes on to become a musician.

Why Popular Music?

The world is already filled with hundreds of world-class programs offering classical music education.​ Almost every major city in the developed world and almost every country in the developing world has at least one classical music conservatory.

While the number of classical music conservatories has continued to grow, the audience hasn’t.​ In almost every country for which we have data, popular music genres significantly outpace sales of classical music. Training students in popular music allows them to speak to people of their own generation, regardless of their location or cultural values.

Classical music programs typically have a narrower focus on preserving tradition​, teaching mainly performance practice and instrumental proficiency. Popular music programs by necessity are multi-disciplinary, meaning that they incorporate a wealth of skills from outside of music - STEM skills such as audio engineering, graphic design, marketing, fashion, and business.

  • Nvak is one of the best things that has happened to me. Nvak allows me be my real self, and that is one of the many reasons why I love it.

    — Elen, Nvak Class of 2017

Milestones and Goals

  • Today: 100+ songs have been written and recorded; 15 professionally produced with the help of Sebu Simonian (Capital Cities), Nico Stadi (Justin Bieber), and BigTaste (Nick Jonas, Dua Lipa)
  • 6 Months: Release and promote 2019 compilation album; launch Nvak Malawi; initial planning for Nvak Greece, Puerto Rico, and Turkey
  • 1 Year: Begin permanently investing resources in the communities that we operate; donate mobile recording rigs; repair community spaces.

Nvak 2019