• Nvak Jerusalem

A 10 Day Pop Up

By July of 2018, Nvak will have had 3 years of programmatic impact in Armenia. We are ready to expand the program by launching a condensed version of the program to another country. We chose Israel due to our experience in the region; we believe it fits the pillars of Nvak’s mission; and we feel passionate about Israel and its people and potential.

Jerusalem is a diverse city full of history, where many vibrant cultures exist side-by-side. However, conflicts and barriers both physical and psychological largely keep these communities separated, which adds to the potential for misunderstanding. We believe that because Nvak’s music curriculum, rooted in collaboration, can have a profound impact on students who would not normally socialize or make music together.

Working in consultation with the UNESCO-honored organization Seeds of Peace, Nvak’s Jerusalem program will bring together students from the city’s diverse communities with the goal of synergistically writing and producing a modern pop record, which will go straight to the desks of senior music executives.

Through sharing ideas both musical and cultural, we can provide a foundation of understanding and tolerance. Positive innovation - whether musical, social, or political - begins when people of different backgrounds begin listening to one another.

Nvak 2018