About Us

Our Mission

Nvak is a modern music education non-profit that seeks to provide equal access and equity for young musicians, especially young women and girls, living in countries facing social, political, and / or cultural strife.

We discover, educate, and launch the careers of undiscovered talent and connect them with professionals from the music business in hopes of using music as a way of starting dialogue, fostering collaboration and community, and finding paid music opportunities and exposure that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

What We Do & How

Nvak discovers young singers, songwriters, and producers, providing free in-person and remote mentorship in songwriting, music production, audio engineering, publishing, marketing, and PR.

Classes are taught by Berklee College of Music alumni and professionals from the music business to ensure that students get both the structure and discipline of a classroom setting, and an environment that mimics how music is actually made today.

Nvak Overview

Nvak started as a pilot program in Yerevan, Armenia in summer 2016. After two years of programmatic impact, we created our own multi-tier, scalable pop music curriculum with the help of Berklee College of Music alumni and staff. In Armenia, we have full-time staff and a handful of young interns that recruit talent from throughout the region who plan weekly social events and monthly performances in order to engage our community of over 100 young musicians. ​In August 2018, Nvak launched in its second market, Jerusalem, Israel.

We chose the location with the goal of offering top-tier songwriting education to all of the diverse members of the regions historically conflicted groups, focusing especially on expanding the reach of local music beyond the country’s border. In summer 2019, Nvak is scaling to Lilongwe, Malawi to further our mission of creating accessibility for female musicians globally. By encouraging and nurturing young Malawian voices and their artistic ideas, we hope to showcase music’s ability to foster confidence and resilience and to empower and inspire the next generation of Malawian artists and leaders.

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