About Us

Our Mission

Nvak is a 501c3 non-profit organization that recruits talented musicians in countries struggling from social, political, and/or cultural difficulties and provides hyper-local, world-class music education and resources to help musicians create and distribute their own contemporary music worldwide.

Nvak creates opportunity where there is none, using music as a tool for underserved teens and young adults to find their voices and amplify their stories beyond their countries borders. It also serves the Western world by bringing previously absent stories into mainstream music and offering a unique perspective on global issues.

What We Do & How

Nvak discover, mentors, teaches young singers, songwriters, and producers, providing free, year-round, in-person and remote lessons in songwriting, music production, audio engineering, marketing, and PR.

Classes are taught by Berklee College of Music, Clive Davis School, and University of Southern California alumni and professionals from the music business to ensure that students get both the structure and discipline of a classroom setting, and an environment that mimics how music is actually made today.

Each market kicks off with Nvak’s signature 18-day summer intensive, which is supported by year-round continued education, performance opportunities, and community building:

  1. Summer Intensive
    Students recruited through local channels (visits to schools, radio shows, social media) Locally tailored lessons on songwriting, music production & music business Taught by professionals flown in from US & EU
  2. Year-Round Programming
    Connect students with global collaborators to work on original music Seasonal courses to enhance summer lessons Weekly music programming run by community leaders (paid fair local wages)

Nvak creates yearly compilation albums with tracks from each country (incorporating local instrumentation & local languages). Backed by ADA for label services, and Warner Chappell for publishing and licensing-- the album will reach a global audience and the revenue will self-fund Nvak programs over time

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